General Rules

1. Account and Donations

2. Cheating and Exploiting

3. Communication

4. Reports and Appeals

5. Crime, Situations and Gangs

6. Roleplay Rules

EnvyRP Community Rules

These are the rules of the EnvyRP community. These rules are crucial in ensuring a fair and realistic Roleplay experience. We hope the rules listed outline everything but please keep in mind that rules are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to contact a staff member through the discord, following the chain of command.

Note - One instance of breaking a rule can result in a ban. It is your responsibility to remain updated with any changes to the rules.

General Rules

1.1 Account

1.2 Donations

1.3 Character

Cheating and Exploiting

2.1 Game Modifications, Cheating and Macros

2.2 Exploiting Server and Client Bugs


3.1 Communication Procedures

3.2 OOC

Reports and Appeals

4.1 Report

Crime, Assassinations, Situations and Gangs

5.1 Robberies and Scamming

5.2 Assassinations and Hostage Situations

5.3 Gangs

5.4 Crime Activities

Roleplay Rules

6.1.1 Safe Areas

6.1.2 Off Limits Area

6.2 Deathmatch, Vehicle Deathmatch, Revenge Killing and Kill On Sight

6.3 New Life Rule (NLR)

6.4 Combat and Roleplay Logging

6.5 Metagaming and Powergaming

6.6 Fail Roleplay

6.7 Fear Roleplay

6.8 Out of Character and In-Character information